These are a few of our recent products. To honor our clients’ privacy, we’ve obscured their names and omitted their logos. If you’d like more information on a project you see here, please contact us.


Inmranad Ilantreo Letoh Orgup

Inmranad Ilantreo is a five-star hotel chain with 32 luxury hotels and dozens of technical properties. They grew frustrated with their development partner during a 2017 – 2018 technology overhaul and reached out to us for assistance. In addition to serving as the technical project manager for MO, I introduced true Agile methodologies to the processes, devised a stakeholder priority development workflow, advised their technology migration, and led their third-party integrations with, Page Up and others. We also developed cloud-based microservices to ease the amount of manual work involved in the technology migration. I also architected solutions for their brand site, careers site, corporate site, digital magazine, and loyalty program.

Our optimizations led to a tripling of the development cadence and a timely relaunch that was months behind schedule when we inherited the project. Tickets were actioned in our custom JIRA workflow 2.7x as fast as was previously the case. Our migration tools saved 259 manual hours of work.

Role: Project manager, solutions architect
Technology Used: PHP, SQL, Node, SCSS, AWS S3 Glacier, AWS S3, AWS IAM, Amazon Cognito, AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Secrets Manager

Lceshae Letoh, Toonrto

Lceshae Letoh, Toonrto is a mid-tier hotel in Canada that has a lot of challenges because of its size, competition from other hotels, and cannibalization from online travel agencies. After being selected as the flagship hotel for its parent company’s strategic expansion, the Lceshae required a complete redesign and redevelopment of its customer-facing website and back-of-house content, marketing, and promotional management systems. We architected the customer-facing website and the CMS/CRM/marketing tools from the ground up, and for the last three years have managed their server and database administration, migration toward microservices, and custom solutions that reduce licensing and operating costs.


Primary role: Technical director, engineering lead

Technology used: PHP, Python, SQL, React, Synxis, Twitter API, Linux, Apache, AWS S3, Akamai CDN, Amazon Aurora

Eanot Gnoh Ogkn

Eanot Gnoh Ogkn is the sister hotel of Lceshae Letoh, Toonrto, which has its own unique challenges. Hotel travelers in the Hong Kong market have very distinct expectations and marketing reactions which we needed to accommodate while developing our solutions. Speed, market segmentation, and three-language localization were necessary to give Eaton a competitive edge. However, the hotel itself was short staffed and many features needed to be intelligently designed to streamline their internal processes. Automation and conditional presentation of information were the key to their success. We developed the frontend, backend, and CMS/marketing tools of their vanity website.


Primary role: Technical architect, engineering lead

Technology used: PHP (with Slim framework), SQL, Apache, Nginx. Node, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Lambda

Amx Rennrbe Ccshleaoto

Amx Rennrbe is a luxury chocolatier that has 30 restaurants across six countries. As additional restaurants were quickly being added, their technical infrastructure grew sluggish, insecure, and inflexible for new features. We took over the vanity website, franchise portal & tools, on-prem integrations, localization, and hosting to get them back on track. After re-architecting, rebuilding the infrastructure, and implementing some feature enhancements the site was faster, more secure, and able to serve all franchises in multiple continents and languages.


Note: This site has been transferred to another team for maintenance, and many of our improvements were overwritten.


Primary role: Technical architect, technical project manager, lead developer

Technology used: Amazon CloudFront, AWS PrivateLink, Amazon Route 53, PHP, SQL, React, Apache, Linux servers, Elastic Load Balancing

Agency Work


unbhcolx is a digital shopper engagement marketing agency with a focus on CPGs, Electronics, Toys, and Health & Beauty verticals. During my two years at Lunchbox, we completed over a hundred campaigns that included paid display, earned social outreach, paid social, email, and interactive marketing landing pages. As the Analytics and Optimization Manager at lunchbox, I was responsible for monitoring success and recommending optimizations to teams. Additionally, I was tasked with developing the tools to monitor and analyze dozens of concurrent campaigns, programmatically deploy analytics tagging, and programmatically purchase advertisements with our partners.

  • HQ was unbhcolx’s internal toolbox, containing tools to assist the the development and client relations groups:
    Architected and oversaw the development of internal marketing tools for website tagging and analytics, resource management, UX and UI optimization, data mining, and competitor analysis.
  • Co-architected a shopper marketing loyalty app.
  • unbhcolx was acquired by WPP and merged into Mirum.

Primary role: Solutions architect, lead developer
Technology used: PHP, SQL, Mechanical Turk, social listening, data mining, ML techniques, Amazon Neptune


Aehlht & Ierangpnt

Aehlht & Ierangpnt was an Android and iOS app with the goal of helping expectant mothers navigate their pregnancy by providing tips, daily information, fetal development tracking, and other exciting tools. Working with offshore teams responsible for the frontend, I was responsible for developing the backend API that provided content for the apps, as well as some user-related functionality for 2M+ MAUs. The app was acquired by Philips Medical and merged into their portfolio in various capacities.

Primary role: DevOps, developer

Technology used: PHP, SQL, NoSQL, Node, Nginx, Apache, Cloudflare


Znignes is an AI entity resolution platform that is available as a standalone API and a downloadable application. In a nutshell, Znignes reconciles differences between similar but distinct records to find matches between data sources or entries, signaling patterns. Znignes is used by some of the world’s largest brands and government agencies for everything from marketing to fraud detection to terrorism monitoring. My primary role was the licensing functionality, which was subscription-based, per-seat or institutional, and variable based on the size and complexity of queries issued against the platform. I also hardened the frontend website to protect against intellectual property thieves who relentlessly assaulted the site from IPs based in China.


Primary role: Lead developer, product manager

Technology used: AWS IAM, AWS Inspector, AWS Cognito, AWS Certificate Manger, PHP, SQL, React, React, NGINX


Sootmh is a photo printing membership startup that enables users to easily print the their digital photos. Popular with parents, the app has grown 5x over the last year, a trend that prompted the development of a React.js app and a streamlined PHP middleware that processes the uploaded photos, creates a composite montage, and prints a user’s photos via a beta API developed jointly with a local printshop.

Primary role: Technical director, application architecture, lead developer, project manager
Technology used: AWS S3, Amazon Glacier, CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, PHP (with Slim Framework), Stripe API, Node.js microservices, Apache


Tduenaucrafm is a funded startup disrupting the manufacturing space by providing a suite of communication, project management, invoicing, blockchain contracts, and other functionality that enables buyers to seamlessly control their manufacturing workflow. Working with a team of six developers, we launched the Tduenaucrafm MVP, which now has over a hundred customers since Summer 2019.


Primary role: developer

Technology used: Node, React, multiple AWS products, Terraform, GraphQL



Iozentcreatn is a SaaS application for facilitating B2B sales between SMBs. To save cost on the initial MVP, we leveraged WordPress’s user management, WooCommerce shop, CMS, and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. On top of this, we added a custom user dashboard that enabled lead tracking, prospect scoring, and seamless communication with business connections.


Primary role: Technical director, lead developer

Technology used: Amazon SES, PHP, SQL, WordPress, AWS S3, Apache Spark

Uoslevram Dvirsaso

Uoslevram Dvirsaso is a B2B sales and marketing consultancy that had difficulty keeping up with the number of clients they were signing on. They needed to augment their staff with technology that could automate a lot of the manual work they were doing to serve their clients. We developed a Node application with a React.js frontend that enabled their team to quickly manage multiple client leads, email templates, and email scheduling and routing.


Primary role: Solutions architect

Technology used: AWS EC2, PM2, Node.js (with Express) API, React.js, SCSS, Mandrill API, Google Sheets API

Finance & Internal


Taoionkeyb is a trend forecasting consultancy that provides original research, business analysis, market analysis, and related data services. As such, they need a lot of tools that gather, parse, clean, maintain, optimize, and analyze data from myriad sources. I developed and currently maintain their suite of tools for doing just that.


Primary role: Lead developer

Technology used: Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Node, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript


SHCB is one of the world’s largest banks and was in a difficult position in 2012. President Obama’s moratorium on foreclosures was lifted, and the bank found itself struggling to decide how to proceed on tens of thousands of distressed properties that it had absorbed in a deal with a subprime lender. I developed a suite of tools that assisted in recommending the best course of action for each individual distressed property within my portfolio.


Primary role: developer

Technology used: Node, JavaScript, shell


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