You know what they say about the hats

When you start your own company, you end up wearing a lot of hats. Interacting with clients pushes you into a solutions architecture role, hiring developers means you naturally have to learn how to become a technical project manager, and landing larger and larger clients means you have to know the ins-and-outs of trending technologies and practices. Over my professional career, I’ve traded one hat for a progressively larger, cooler, more envious hat.

Technical Project Manager

For six years, I've led teams as small as two and as large as 20 in a true Agile environment

As the co-founder of the Los Angeles-based agency League Made, Inc, I have served as the technical lead for over 30 projects. I’ve led, either as solutions architect or technical project manager, teams as small as 4 and teams as large as 20 persons. I’m a strict agile practioner (read what that means) with expert knowledge in all popular project management software, practices, and processes. I have equal experience working with startups and large corporations. In addition to increasing development cadenc to deliver projects on time, I also work with stakeholders to ensure proper development.

Luxury Solutions Architect

I help luxury brands build their technical infrastructure by delivering delightful experiences at scale

For the last seven years, I have worked with luxury brands in hospitality, travel, dining, and alcohol as a technical consultant tasked with strategizing, orchestrating, and deploying digital initiatives. I’ve managed technology related to every aspect of a brand’s digital presence: website, booking engine, reservation engine, 360 marketing, loyalty programs, and gift card programs. Whether as a consultant providing industry expertise or as a managerial contributor leading a team of developers and marketers, I’ve helped launch and maintain some of the world’s leading hotels, smartest travel brands, and exciting food & beverage companies. I can architect and build the systems that meet the exceeding demands of a luxury online experience.

Technical Leader

Call it an out-sourced CTO, technical co-founder, or whatever else you'd like - I'll serve as the technical SME for your product

I work with early post-seed startups to develop their technical strategy, infrastructure, and launch roadmap. The startups I’ve worked with have tested system stability up to 2m MAUs, have been avle to deploy in new regions in I can help you get up and running quickly by keeping up with the latest technologies, languages, and frameworks. After architecting a cost-effective, cloud-based technical roadmap, I will provide recommendations on which frameworks, APIs, and resources will accelerate your development. After delivering a technical product road map, I can train you in agille methodology and technical project management or serve as the technical lead until delivery of an MVP.

Cloud Computing Consultant

I can get your public-facing app or internal business tools up and running with cloud-based solutions

Most of my hands-on development experience is reserved to develop cloud-based architecture, in particular microservices that solve very specific business or integration challenges. My immense experience with a variety of APIs, third-party software, and cloud integrations means that I can solve these problems faster than many other developers. I can help you ensure your cloud architecture is solid from the start, or help migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud piecemeal.


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