I find and develop solutions for problems present and future. Whether it’s leading a team of 20 developers for a startup, enabling a production app with microservices, or translating nebulous concepts and requirements into actionable plans that actually get done, I’m ready.


Technical Leadership

From the smallest detail to the biggest picture, I deliberately consider all aspects of the digital journey. Having been a developer, project manager, and a technical director, I have a unique understanding of why and how things should be done. With 27 completed projects, I’ve overcome the struggles you’re likely dealing with right now. The truth is programming isn’t that hard and good developers are a dime a dozen. Experience, perspective, and adaptability are what make a good technical director. I’ve learned these lessons the hard way so you don’t have to.

Solutions Architecture

With a preference for microservices, minimalism, actionable insights and open source, my unrelenting search for optimization has allowed me to design solutions for some of the toughest problems facing companies new and established. I maintain certifications in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics, as well as attend regular conferences and study technological white papers and discussion boards to ensure I stay on top of best development practices.

Luxury Consulting

For four years, I have developed an acute sense of how luxury brands thrive in the digital world. Although I have experience in other verticals like CPG, electronics, banking & finance, and local services, the worlds of fashion, travel, hospitality, food & beverage, and liquor have been my passion. The luxury world may prove too challenging for some, but the struggle is worth it. Honest creative vision and the will to truly dare are rare attributes in today’s world, and I’m privileged to help those who need to manifest perfection.

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